Big 5 Questions of Life

Does God really exist? Is the Bible God's Word? Is Jesus God? These questions and others like it are often the subject of heated debates. This thought-provoking series, featuring Pastor Shawn Boonstra and Pastor Mark Finley, uses Bible texts along with historical facts to answer some of life biggest questions and also most difficult ones.

Mark Finley and Shawn Boonstra
Session video Message Reference
1 Does God really exist? Is there any proof that God really exists, or is He just a fairy tale dreamed up by humanity to make us feel better about the brutality of human existence?
2 Is the Bible God's Word? How can we know for sure that the Bible is divinely inspired?
3 Is Jesus God? Almost everyone recognizes Jesus as a good man and much of the world reveres Jesus as God in human flesh, but was He really the Son of God?
4 Good God, bad world, why? In a world where natural disasters, famine and murder are abundant, many lash out at God, or even give up on Him. Can you still believe in God?
5 The path to the top Christians say they have the absolute truth. Is there really more than one path to the top of this mountain?