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In the magazines and publications selected for this section you will find specific subjects of spiritual content with lessons that can be applied to your life.

revistas cristianas

Emotional trauma, family crisis, corruption, violence, destruction of this planet and fear of death: this is the current scenario. But “while there is life there is hope.” Hope is what upholds the human heart during the most difficult times. That is why the message from these pages is one of optimism. It is a message of faith and confidence in the future, because God is already there. Beyond the dark clouds, the silver lining of heaven is awaiting you.

A collection of promises that can be applied to your problems or to your every day life, together with a section that describes what Jesus means to us and what the Bible means to us.

Rebuilding Life When You've Lost Your Job. In today's challenging economy, jobs are eliminated. Companies downsize or close down. New qualifications are demanded. Individuals and families bear heavy burdens. When someone asks, "What do you do?" how do you respond? Do you feel a bit hopeless and overwhelmed? Frustrated? Whatever your economic situation may be, and how well you and your loved one(s) are (or are not) dealing with it, there is hope.

In this volume you will find a collection of eight sermons. It was felt that you would appreciate the evangelistic, conversational style in which originally they were presented. These messages have already been an untold source of blessing to those who have listened to them, and we believe that as they see the light of day in this new form, they will continue their Heaven-sent task of winning men and women back to the Christ of the Bible.

One of the greatest love poems ever written is found in the Bible. Written about 3,000 years ago by King Solomon, it is called The Song of Solomon, or The Song of Songs and it is filled with thoughts about love. The author of this publication focuses on just five themes in this small book: love is natural, love is romantic, love is redemptive, love is exclusive and finally, love is strong.

We tend to think that all the things that the Lord gave us are our own things, we tend to forget that we are God's administrators of the things that He trusted to us. The author of this publication focuses on seven themes that really belong to God.

More than twenty centuries ago this commonplace earth of ours was visited by Somebody from another world. What a thought that is! And when that Somebody was here, He said, "I came down from heaven", but just before He left the Earth Jesus also said, "I will come again", and we have every reason to believe His Word.

The prayer that Jesus taught his disciples to pray is an example of true prayer. Why is it that we have forgotten the most important road of all? Through life, death, and the starlit spaces themselves, prayer is the highroad, the King's highway, but so few ever travel it.

The Bible not only teaches, but declares, the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is true not only of the New Testament, which declared that the coming Messiah, or Christ, would be a divine Being. This publication researches the ancient prophecies of the Old Testament that leads us to Jesus Christ as the true Messiah.

Prayer and happiness belong together. No one can be happy who does not have peace of mind. The child of God who trusts his heavenly Father will have the promise of Christ: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid".

Prayer is talking to God just as we would to a friend; asking and knowing we will receive. The Bible says that God answers prayer. We may not be able to put our prayers into good language, but God has promised that the Holy Spirit will help us to know what to pray about.

In this little work, the author has set before the reader (in a composite life picture, not unreal) the struggle of souls enmeshed in sin and prejudice, seeking light and truth. He shows the wisdom of the humble disciple of God and the power of the Word, to lead a soul to restful triumph in Christ.