Christian Children

Our children are one of the most wonderful gifts that God gave us to enjoy life, and it is our responsibility as members of their family, to make them happy and educate them in the paths of Jesus Christ, so they can became faithful christians when they grow up.


Life of Tyler

Meet Tyler and his family, know their values and how they pray

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Kids Bible Info

Bible answers, games, guides, stories and prayer requests

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Stories for Children

50 great stories to read to your kids before going to sleep

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Coloring Pages

A full set of Bible characters drawings for painting with color

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Living the Story

12 full color magazines with Bible adventures and games

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The Jesus Film

A great movie of the Life of Jesus for children

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My place with Jesus

An interactive (and fun!) Bible study for children

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The story of Jesus

The full story in a great book to read to your kids

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How to teach them

Teaching your children about God is a great responsibility

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