Life of Tyler

Everyone’s family is different. Some families may be stronger than others, but the reality is we all have great things about our family even if we have some tough things too. God placed us in our families for a reason, and while we don’t get to choose our families, we can choose how we live within our families. Meet Tyler's family and learn some lessons on how to pray and how to behave within your own family.


Subject Session Message Reference Documents
Prayer 1 Prayer is... In this video we’re going to look at what prayer really is, at its very foundation Study Guide 1
2 Simplicity In this video we're going to see how Tyler deals with his struggles with prayer and how he works to overcome those insecurities. Study Guide 2
3 Boldness & expectation How does God choose what prayers He wants to take care of and which one’s not? Study Guide 3
4 Continually In this video we’re going to see what happens to Tyler when he has to keep praying about a situation in his life Study Guide 4
Family 5 Family dynamics Let’s take a look at what Tyler’s family life is like Study Guide 5
6 God & your parents In this video we’re going to see how different things happen in Tyler’s family and how his parents react to these things; which causes Tyler to feel certain ways about God Study Guide 6
7 Your family, your future Your family right now will define who you are now and who you’ll become in the future Study Guide 7
8 Do your part Maybe you can make a difference and play a positive role in your family. Study Guide 8