Future with hope

Join Mark Finley in this 7 sessions seminar that was preached via satellite to all countries in South America simultaneously in English and Spanish languages. Pastor Finley has published numerous articles in religious publications, has produced 16 video seminars, and is the author of 35 books.

Mark Finley
Session video Message Reference
1 The message of hope Jesus promised to return to this world when he said: "I will come back"
2 The meaning of hope The origin of suffering and the role of the planet Earth in the conflict between good and evil
3 The Man of hope Jesus, the Lamb of God, standing in the center of the book of Revelation
4 The day of hope The fourth commandment refers to God as Creator of heaven and earth, and the human being as his creation
5 The symbol of hope As children of God we must take a firm stand declaring our allegiance to Jesus Christ
6 People of hope Using the Bible, can we clearly identify the true church of the last days?
7 A land of hope In the New Jerusalem, our relentless pursuit of the fountain of youth will find fulfillment