Start New Training Program

START NEW is an acronym that represents God’s 8 laws of health: Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, Trust in God, Nutrition, Exercise and Water. Based on thousands of scientific studies, doctors find that START NEW is your best medicine to prevent, reverse and cure many chronic lifestyle diseases. Each weekly START NEW Basic Training Video Program features health, nutrition and spiritual presentations, exercise, cooking demonstrations. Each part of the program is designed so you too can experience Health for a Lifetime… and Hope for Eternity! Get a New Start Today!



This set includes over 30 hours of programs, including eight "Spiritual Nuggets," eight "Making It Real & Practical Programs," "Questions & Answers" with Dr. Neil Goodman, D.O., plus his following health multi-media programs which cover chronic lifestyle diseases, their cause and how to overcome each through trusting God and applying the simple remedy of His eight laws of health.



Three 30-minute programs covering basic, intermediate and advanced exercise programs.



Eight 20-minute programs covering healthy cooking classes. Recipes for the 8 classes available for download.